Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky Situation - Ice Cream

Artists Take Risks
For this painting you mentioned that we could use real life things to include in our painting to just add another dimension and make it more interesting. For this painting I didn't go too far into using real life objects but I did use a new technique that i've never used before. I wanted to paint the ice cream to add an added effect and make it look real with texture. To do this I painted with the palette knife to add texture to the painting. It was honestly really hard to use this because you can't really blend without messing the paint up. And once the paint dried it kind of wen't back to 2-D. Overall im glad that I tried this anyway because it helped determine the flow of the ice cream and where I wanted to add  my shading.

Artists Solve Problems
During this project I found the stool to be really hard because it hard very bright and distinct reflections that made the stool seem a little unrealistic to me. I tried painting the stool multiple times but it just kept changing the entire time. Overall i think i'm happy with the overall result but it is my least favorite part of the painting.Also I had a really big problem with the shadow that the cone made on the wall. I learned that to make shadows you want to not just use greys but use a darker shade of the color. When I had to use a darker shade of the yellow wall it turned green and a really ugly color. I couldn't seem to make a dark yellow. i ended up using the dark yellow that turned more blue than yellow but I ended up leaving the color anyway.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills
For this painting I found it really interesting to use the backwash color because it did change the color or the paint and you had to be mindful of it. I also learned a lot more about shading and layering my colors effectively. The more shadows I put into it, the more it brought out the center focus of my painting and brought it more proportionally to the front. i also had to focus on the shading in the cone to bring it more shape instead of flat. I also learned that it was a lot easier to start with the background and add to it, to make painting easier and cleaner.