Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mixed Media

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Artist Take Risks
For this unit I had never really experienced mixed media like this, were everyone in the class was scrambling around the class and all using different materials. This unit presented a challenge for me as it was very random, yet very thought out. Since this was so random I had trouble thinking of ideas that would work well together. This unit and projects really pushed me to think outside of my comfort zone and kind of experiment with art and not be so structured.

Artist Develop Art Making Skills
We started this project by doing a mini lesson where we had to pick two topics and I chose "stars" and "Day in the life of the future". This was the first time I was doing a specific mixed media where we were assigned to use multiple mediums. I found that I really enjoyed using the gel medium on magazine paper. I tried using computer paper where I printed my images and then using the glue but it always made the picture darker and sometimes wore away the ink; I found the magazines to work better. You had also mentioned to avoid cutting and straight lines by tearing and I really liked that method. Also I had never seen the ink transfer with the tape and I thought that was really cool.

Artist Reflects
I've mentioned this before but this unit was very random, but at the same time it wasn't. When we were shown the examples of mixed media it was very surprising to see how well things worked out. I definitely tried to do that during the lesson, it didn't work out so well during the final. Multiple times I had to take a break and look at what I was doing. I made sketching to plan and drew out where things were going to go and how much space I was going to take up with a certain area. When i was trying to find pictures I had to only use certain sized ones because I knew it would fit in well with everything else. Even though mixed media seems very random it is very meticulous and thought out.

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