Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Colored Pencil/Oil Pastels/Chalk Pastel

For the colored pencil lollipop I didn't really like this one. I think the fact that the paper was brown kind of messed up the color. I had a really hard time getting the colored pencil to look colorful and get the value. Since I only had certain colors I couldn't get a good gradient going. I'm not sure if you are able to blend with the colored pencil but it was hard to get the brights and the dark values. Overall, this was my least favorite technique to work with.

I really enjoyed working with the oil pastels. I don't think that it looks that good since it doesn't look as smooth as the others and you can see the lines that you make while drawing it. This was my favorite technique to layer the colors. I found this easier to blend with and get the values. I liked when we had to layer the white last because I feel that it really added another level and aspect to the drawing. I think I might choose this to do my final because I liked this the most. The one downside I think the oil pastels have is that the look like crayons and I don't like the way crayons look. This was a little bit above the chalk pastels for my overall favorite, but just by a little bit.

I liked how this turned out but I wish I spent a little bit more time on the wrapper. When I first started the project I really didn't enjoy the chalk because I found it really to spread around and fill up the page to blend. When you blend the chalk I felt it really dulled down the original color when I didn't want it to. My favorite part of this material is the fact that it looks so smooth compared to the other materials. I think I'm starting to like this more than the others because of the final and the fact that it looks so smooth. This was originally my second favorite but   I think I'm going to end up using this as my final. 

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