Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scientific Theme - Icecube

Artist Develop Art Making Skills
When we started this unit and we were going over the technique I found I liked the pen material the best. Out of all the ink techniques I liked stippling the best. I found it was easier to show the value this way. For me the cross-hatching and other methods were very hard for me to maintain shape of the object. I learned when doing stippling you have to be very steady and precise when you're placing the dots. When i first started in my sketchbook I was doing the dots too fast, creating the tails at the end, which is not what I wanted. Later in the project I learned how to make my dots smaller than others to make even more variety between the values. Even though the stippling was very time consuming I enjoyed to overall technique and I enjoyed the way the stippling turns out in other drawings.

Artists Solve Problems
While doing the project one of the elements of art that we had to include was value and contrast. Overall the contrast was easy because I was working with black ink on a white background. When it came to value I found it to be more of a problem than I usually have. One of the reference pictures I had showed no value and It was just black on the inside but then you (Mrs. Rossi) told me to make the value and light source more prominent. When I first started this project I did the top of the icecube first and ended up making it all black, where I wish i could go back and fix the value in it. When I realized that I was doing it wrong I quickly had to change the direction of my light source and try to direct the value elsewhere. Overall, other than that mistake, I liked the way my final turned out.

Artist Collaborate
During the project I again faced many problems which you helped me out and you also helped me out deciding what else to include in my background and how to fill up the page. I consulted in my friends from the other table because I really liked how they performed the stippling while I was having trouble in the beginning. While deciding what to do for my project I originally had a huge iceberg and was going to do that, the people at my table directed me to do the Icecube and push myself towards what I thought was the harder object. I really like my final and I LOVED the stippling so I would definitely do the stippling even though it was so time consuming.

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